x.pose is a wearable data-driven sculpture that exposes a person's skin as a real-time reflection of the data that the wearer is producing. In the digital realm we are naked and vulnerable.

There currently exists a paradox in our internet culture. As a generation, we are simultaneously obsessed with publicity and privacy. While we publish and post details about our lives online, at the same time we demand the most advanced privacy protection software. An unprecedented degree of potential exposure comes with the current mode of existence.


The foundation behind x.pose is the mobile app and server that automatically collect data from the wearer, built using Node.js and PhoneGap. The recorded data set is then fed into processing to produce the form that is 3D printed in a rubbery flexible and very wearable "fabric".

Real-time data transmission is provided through bluetooth to an Arduino, which controls 20 hand-cut, individually addressable, reactive displays that change in opacity to reveal the wearer’s skin.


Here is just a small list of international press x.pose has been featured in:

The Creators Project
Huffington Post UK
Engadget Germany

  • Created:May 2014
  • Tools: Data Collection, Physical Fabrication.
  • Collaborators:Xuedi Chen and Pedro Oliveira

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