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A sampling of our featured press:

June 16 2014 Wired UK “This top turns see-through if you leave personal data exposed”

May 16 2013 Wired UK "Designer 3D-prints mossy accessories inspired by bug-eating fungus"

June 16 2014 HuffingtonPost “This 3D Dress Links To Your Phone To Literally Strip You Of All Privacy”

June 10 2014 The Creators Project “3D-Printed Dress Exposes Your Skin As You Share Online Data”

Nov 04 2013 The Creators Project “Step Inside A Digital Zen Garden”

Jul 02 2013 The Creators Project “Two Heartbeats Become One In This Interactive Installation”

May 24 2013 The Creators Project “Viral Style: 3D Printed Moss Jewelry And The Return Of Jelly Shoes”

May 21 2013 BBC “Tisch school: Creative brains map a smarter future”

June 16 2014 FastCompany-CoExist "The More You Expose Yourself Online, The More This Bustier Exposes Your Bare Skin"

June 08 2013 Business Insider "The Coolest Projects We Saw at NYC’s First Science Hack Day"

Nov 04 2011 MAKE “Water Level-Controlled Video Installation”

May 09 2012 Discovery News “Heartbeat Rhythm Drives Animation”

June 12 2014 Engadget “3D-printed corset turns see-through the more time you spend online”

May 08 2012 Engadget “Heartbeat visualizer lets your ticker power a light show”

Nov 10 2011 Engadget “Digidrench whets our appetite for water-based Arduino adventures”

June 19 2014 ELLE "This Dress Physically Exposes Your Tech Obsession"

Even more publications that have covered our work:

June 13 2014 Intel “3D-Printed Dress Exposes Your Skin as You Share Online Data”

June 10 2014 AnimalNew York "Wearable Art Physically Exposes You When You Share Data"

June 11 2014 c|net “3D-printed dress exposes your body as you reveal data”

Jun 13 2014 Design Taxi "Dress Becomes Increasingly Transparent As Its Wearer Share Personal Data Online"

June 13 2014 3dprintingindustry “How Naked Are You? X.Pose Wearable 3D Printed Sculpture Bares All”

June 13 2014 Fashioning Tech “Wearable sculpture critiques online privacy”

Jul 02 2013 ANIMAL “Connected Heartbeats visualizes physical synchronization between humans”

Jan 18 2013 ACM interactions magazine “Embodied Games From NYU ITP”

May 02 2012 Interactive Design “Phan V - Visualizing Heartbeat”

Oct 05 2012 Creative Bloq “Window display design:10 exceptional examples”

Nov 03 2011 Adafruit Blog “Digidrench-great use of Adafruit”s fluid level sensors”

Dec 08 2011 Gizmodo “White Box Bring an Artistic Touch to the Gizmodo Gallery Tonight at 9pm”

August 11 2011 TEDx Talks “A History of Fashion and Science of Sex”

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