In the Name of Science: TEDx Talk & Installation


Part one of "In the Name of Science," is an installation entitled "ANYWHERE BUT HERE" which consists of a three-part portrait series recreating photos from an instruction manual from the 1920s for “Healthy Vibratory Massage.” The original photos and instruction manual make no reference to the devices’ intended sexual purposes and instead attempt to convince the consumer of the healthy and hygienic benefits of using their product (i.e. to treat “neuralgia headaches” “weak eyesight” and “deafness”).


Part two of "In the Name of Science" A TEDx Talk entitled, "A History of Fashion and Science of Sex."

What do dress reformers, underwear, and vibrators all have in common? In this TEDx talk Sheiva Rezvani reviews at a brief history of sexual science at the turn of the twentieth century and how it shaped American cultural definitions and expectations around sex, gender and sexuality. She visually demonstrates how a medically authoritative language around "health" and "hygiene" became the scientific basis for invisibility and shame in everyday experiences with bodies, sex and fashion.


"A History of Fashion and Science of Sex" featured at TEDxGallatin Art&Science 2011

"Anywhere But Here" exhibited at the Gallatin Galleries May-August 2011.

  • Created:April-Aug 2011
  • Tools: Fine Art Large-Format Prints, On-Site Research and Photo Production with Museum of Sex.
  • Research & Artwork By: Sheiva Rezvani

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