Battleship on the Manhattan grid.

Teams race to reach bomb-sites on a grid using only basic voice commands. Captains direct bombers to grid locations over the phone. Upon reaching the target, the next bomb-site is identified..


Manhattleships is a game designed for adults set on a specific section of the Manhattan grid. Each game begins with teams of two lined up in front of the game's "captain" who trains all the players in a set of four commands they are allowed to use to communicate with their teammates. Each team is split then split up across the grid and given a set of commands to get to "bomb locations" on their maps where they are given continued clues to get to their final destination. All teams are racing to lead their teammates to the final destination first.

This game was designed using all analog materials with a minimal amount of branding in Photoshop for the clues, signs and bandanas we gave each player. We relied on our players to use their owb cell phones to communicate with their teammates.


The game was selected and run at the 2012 Come Out & Play Festival.

  • Created:2012
  • Tools: Physical Design included "battle sites", headbands, balloons, signs, Photoshop for insignia design and maps.
  • Designed by: Sheiva Rezvani, Christie Leece, Hanna Kang-Brown, HyeYoung Yoon, Michelle Boisson, Matt London & Phil Groman.

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