Hungryfr is a fun, whimsical excuse to invite other members in your community to join you on an excursion for food. Hungryfr helps people who work together take breaks together. Share what you’re hungryfr so your coworkers can join you! Not sure what you want? Join someone else’s trip!

We built Hungryfr in the hopes that people in closed communities might get to know each other better. A key element of our design is targeted to people who are already gathered in the same physical location and part of the same community. We designed with the hope of giving community members as excuse to get to know one another, and thus be more inspired to collaborate together in unexpected ways outside our system. In other words, we designed to create the opportunity for "Engineered Serendipity" and ultimately a chance for real innovation and more whimsical play.


With Hungryfr, we built a easy, nostalgic interface that exists as a hybrid digital and physical platform for closed communities to use food to get to know each other. The online platform exists as a website that works across personal devices and as part of our on-site kiosk. The interactive kiosk sits next to a large physical display that is designed to look like Departures Boards in large train stations across the world. The physical display is a projection mapped wooden board that uses a special part of our website to update and animate. The site is built in html, javascript, Python, flask and hosted through heroku.


Hungryfr was chosen as a finalist startup in ITP Pitchfest 2013 at the Interactive Telecommunications Program.

  • Created:October 2012-2014
  • Tools: Mobile Interface, Website, Physical Projection-Mapped Departures Board, Kiosk, Site Backend in Python, Flask, MongoDB & Heroku.
  • Collaborators: Sheiva Rezvani, Jacki Steiner, Luisa Covaria, Engin Ayaz, Zena Koo, Archana Kumar

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