Desperate Housewares


Desperate Housewares exposes the little-known lives of objects teetering on the edge of being discarded. Suspended in a curbside purgatory, will they get a second chance? Will someone respond to their urgent cries for a new home? FREE. BARELY USED. BROKEN.

Desperate Housewares : an emotional internet of things.

This mobile app is a space for users to share photos of things found on the street and attach auto-generated stories to them. The app not only helps those who are looking for free things on the street but invites users to engage in a creative space that brings those objects to life.


The "auto-generated" stories used to populate this app are a mashup of Craigslist Missed Connections. The native mobile app was designed using Phonegap / Cordova and is currently in Alpha.


The "Best Use of Technology" prize at the World Science Festival Hackathon 2013 was awarded to Desperate Housewares collaborators Sheiva Rezvani and Jacki Steiner.

  • Created:2010-2014
  • Tools: Phonegap, Cordova, Craigslist Missed Connections.
  • Designed and Developed by: Sheiva Rezvani

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