Nature’s Footprint is a digital installation that lets you play with leaves in the wind.
Imagine looking down at your feet and, suddenly, leaves begin to swirl and move around you as if you were outside. Nature’s Footprint utilizes an interactive animation to react to the movement of people walking into a space so that they can play with a digital gust of wind that blows leaves out of their path.


Nature's Footprint was created using blob detection in Processing (OpenCV, Simple Open NI, NITE, and SensorKinect) with A Microsoft Kinect positioned above the projection to detect an Infrared Image of objects (or people) who move into the physical installation. As people move in and out of the projected animation, they are detected as blobs and create a negative wind force that blows the leaves out of their path.


Nature's Footprint was exhibited at the ITP Winter Show, December 18-19, 2012.
Nature's Footprint featured in Technoverse.

Nature's Footprint is a collaboration between Sheiva Rezvani and Amik Ahmad.

  • Created:18 December 2012
  • Tools: Python, Projection-Mapping
  • Collaborators: Sheiva Rezvani & Amik Ahmad

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